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You might ask why I’m posting these videos…

This morning started out as any other morning.  Happy Baby was zooming around in his walker, my husband was still here because he had a late show for a flight today, and the other kids were either asleep, eating breakfast or quietly entertaining themselves (in that order).  I was just getting out of the shower, and Happy Baby peeked around the corner of the bathroom (while still in his walker).  He smiled, put something shiny into his mouth, and I started yelling for his dad to go take it away from him.  At this point, I had no idea what it was.  My husband jumped up from what he was doing to go try to take it away.  He couldn’t get it from him, and I stood there, still in the shower, somewhat paralyzed and somewhat in denial.  Surely he wouldn’t choke on it…surely my husband could wrestle whatever it was away from him…right?

Wrong!  Before I knew it, my husband was lifting Happy Baby out of his walker, turning him somewhat upside down to attempt to dislodge whatever it was.  Happy Baby was now not so happy.  He was crying, red-faced, and now…gagging.  The gagging turned to choking, I took him, attempted (if that’s what you want to call it) to perform Infant Choking rescue first aid, and soon realized that it was too late…panic had already set in and my brain was in a fog.  It quickly became apparent to me that I am: a) not good under pressure and b) an emotional wreck when I perceive my children’s lives to be in danger.  I yelled for my husband to call 911 (yes, I yelled.  Yes, he was standing right next to me.)  He grabbed the telephone, asked me again if I was sure, I screamed yes, and he dialed.  I am pretty sure he repeated our address three times to the dispatcher, I was scrambling to throw on some clothes (since I was still wearing only the towel), all while trying to console Happy Baby, who was screaming by now.  He was occasionally gagging, coughing up mucous, and I felt that he was having difficulty breathing.

Well…my husband was able to pull everything together.  He spoke with the dispatchers, gave them the info (except our home phone number, because he really had no idea what it is…kind of a new number, we never use it, etc.), sent my 9 year old out front to wait for the ambulance, held Happy Baby so I could throw on some clothes…he was in complete control and was calm, cool, and collected throughout.  He is my rock, the anchor of this family.

By the time the paramedics (I believe we had 6 of them show up, including the Fire & Rescue Chief himself), and Officer DesChenes arrived, Happy Baby seemed as if nothing had happened.  It seemed almost silly.  However, all of the responders were courteous, friendly, helpful…true heroes in every aspect.  So to them, we say “Thank you”!  A big thank you also to Shane Downs, Paramedic with Indialantic Fire & Rescue for his care and treatment of Happy Baby (and his father and I) while on this call.  Without our first responders, those in need of true emergency response would be left without any help.  Whether they’re paid or volunteer, it can be a thankless job.

We did end up driving Happy Baby to the ER ourselves, got him x-rayed, and it turned out that they couldn’t see anything inside that wasn’t supposed to be.  It’s been an exhausting morning, but in the end, everything turned out ok!  I did learn that I really need to be retrained in infant rescue procedures.   So if anyone wants to join me for CPR/First Aid, hit me up!

Tired of waiting, but otherwise ok

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